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With a manicure I file your nails and I take care of you're cuticles and hands.

In the luxury manicure, the treatment is extended with a scrub, hand massage, mask and paraffin wrap

As a finishing touch I will lacquer the nails with one color or with a firming nail polish.

The shape of the nails

Oval, round, square or pointed, I can shape you're nails (artificial or natural) in any required design. Depending on your taste, lifestyle and the shape of your nail bed I recommend a nail shape that fits you perfectly.

Normal manicure

  • Desinfection of hands
  • Removal of old mailpolish - when needed
  • Shape the nails with a file
  • Polish the nails
  • Nailbath
  • Take care of cuticles
  • Apply nail oil
  • Polish or reinforce nails
  • Luxury manicure

    With a luxury manicure you'll get the same steps as for a regular manicure. On top of that, your hands are also taken care of.
  • Handscrub
  • Paraffinebath
  • Handcreme
  • Handmassage
  • Manicure by OPI

    Your hands will give away your age ! Manicure by OPI is a lovely manicure with a rejuvenating serum.
  • wash and desinfect the hands
  • shape the nails with a file
  • polish the nails
  • apply skin renewal scrub
  • remove the scrub with a soak
  • apply rejuvenating serum
  • treat the cuticles.
  • massage with a finishing butter
  • apply cuticle oil
  • You should continue to apply the serum up till two weeks after the manicure (6 weeks, twice a day). Your hands will get a younger look

    Men and manicure

    Of course, the manicure treatments are suitable for men. Painfull nails and rough hands are just as annoying for the man as for the woman!

    manicure bij een man
    Obviously the nails are not lacquered or polished.

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