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Bridal Nails

On the best day in your life, of course you want the most glamorous dress, a great hairdo, the shiniest shoes, and... the finest and most beautiful nails!

2 weeks before your marriage we make an appointment to discuss your design. If you never had artificial nails before, you can choose from every type of product (gel or acrylic).

Together, we will choose the right decorations, like a stone in heart shape or a nice nail art. And the color should off course match the colour of your dress. Want to have the motif of the tie of your future husband on your nails ? No problem.

A few days before you get married, we apply the set including any desired design.

Motief stropdas van bruidegom Design voor de nagel

After 3 or 4 weeks (or when you return from your honeymoon) you come back for a treatment or removal and a manicure. Don't pull off the nails yourself, because that can damage your natural nails.


The groom ofcourse wants to have his hands well taken care of. For him, we have a wonderfull manicure.


Of course also mother (in-law), father (in-law), bridesmaids, sisters, brothers are welcome for a manicure or nail treatment. Make an appointment together with bride or groom and you get 10% discount.

Look at pictures for more examples.

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