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Acrylic nails are very strong artificial nails. They are created with a mixture of acrylic powder and a special liquid.

The powder is available in many colours, so there are many possibilities.
Besides the standard transparent acrylic there is a pink acrylic for a natural looking nail bed. For a French manicure we have white acrylic. With several bright colors or pastel shades, we create the distinctive look.

Once the acrylic has hardened, the nails are filed and polished. Then it is possible to apply nail art. Finally, the nail will be polished with a glossy UV varnish or a lacquer finish.

With acrylic nails, it is important to keep them flexible. Use a nail oil at least once a day.

NOTE: if a nail breaks, it will be repaired. The first is free and for each additional nail, you pay 5, -. With more than 4 nails the set price is calculated to prevent abuse of the repair service.

Look at pictures for more examples.


3 to 4 weeks later you return for a follow-up treatment. Most of the old product will be removed, and a new layer of acrylic will be applied. Do you want something completely different? A French manicure or a colored acrylic ??....... anything is possible! Tell it before applying the new layer!

If you have any questions, just come along. Together we discuss what is best for you. If necessary we can make a free trial nail.

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